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Why do I have to 创建 a USGBC account to 注册 the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问?
Your 十大电子游艺网站排行 account is a subsidiary account of your USGBC account. 如果没有USGBC帐号,必须先创建 创建 创建十大电子游艺网站排行 Online帐号.
任何更改您的真实资料必须首先在您的 设置 在您的USGBC帐户中. 当您更新USGBC帐号密码后,您的十大电子游艺网站排行帐号密码也会随之更新. 您可以在您的真实在线账户中更新专业和联系信息.


第一步是通过提交一份完整的注册表格来注册您的设施(或“项目”), 报名费之支付, 还有签署的十大电子游艺网站协议. 提交填妥的注册表格后, 您将收到更多关于注册和十大电子游艺网站过程的后续步骤的详细信息. The project must meet all the 十大电子游艺网站排行 minimum program requirements and achieve at least 31 points to receive 十大电子游艺网站排行 certification. 请参见 十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统 to view the activities and performance thresholds that are included, and view the 十大电子游艺网站指南 to learn about the entire certification process and timelines from start to finish. 十大电子游艺网站也适用于 事件.
注册、活动、预十大电子游艺网站和再十大电子游艺网站的费用是固定费用. The fees for certification are calculated per square foot of building space. Precertified projects receive a $1,000 discount on 十大电子游艺网站排行 certification. You can view pricing for all 十大电子游艺网站排行 certification pathways by visiting our 费用的网页 或致电 (电子邮件保护) 与节目代表交谈.
典型的审查需要10周. 审查过程分为几个阶段. 初步和最后的文件审查阶段各需要15个工作日(3周), 在这两个阶段之间大约有一个月的时间,你可以对初步评审意见做出回应. 预十大电子游艺网站和再十大电子游艺网站时间表遵循标准十大电子游艺网站时间表和流程. 看到 十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站指南.
加速审查是可用的 额外的费用 具体情况具体分析. 如果你想要求加急审查, 请在你想提交审核的10个工作日之前写信给我们, providing the expected date of submission and confirming that the project team agrees to the 额外的费用s. It'll allow us to determine whether there's a review team available with the capacity to accommodate your project on an expedited timeline.
是的. 项目通常由法定财产边界来定义, 哪些可能包括或不包括多个建筑. 然而, for projects within a greater facility not seeking certification, 或者没有内部产权线的校园, 项目可以定义一个完全包含在合法拥有的场地内的替代边界. 这可以是一个租户空间, 校园里的一栋建筑, 或者甚至是建筑物内楼层的一个子集. 项目边界以外的剩余区域不需要十大电子游艺网站. 请参阅《 十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统 for other important details and criteria on defining your project.
是的. If your company/organization has multiple facilities to be certified or a campus that is requesting certification please be sure to include that in the registration form, 或致电 (电子邮件保护) 的更多信息. 十大电子游艺网站排行 offers a streamlined approach to review and certify multiple facilities, 我们团队的一名成员将在提交注册表格后与您联系讨论.
是的,GBCI可以十大电子游艺网站美国以外的设施.S. and has already 十大电子游艺网站排行 certified facilities in over a dozen different countries. 而十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统可以在世界范围内应用, some references are specific to the Unites States; therefore, 其他国家的项目负责参考和记录可比的当地资源. 对于某些信用,可能有其他的合规途径. 请联络我们: (电子邮件保护) with any questions about specific credit or minimum program requirements. A select number of featured 十大电子游艺网站排行 certified facilities outside of the U.S可以在 项目概要网页.
You can view a select number of featured 十大电子游艺网站排行 certified facilities on the 项目概要网页.
For a complete list of public certified projects, please 十大电子游艺网站 at (电子邮件保护).
No. 但是,如果该组织/公司以 USGBC成员 在白银级或以上,它将获得20%的注册和十大电子游艺网站费用折扣. 会员资格提供了许多其他的 好处 including discounts on training, access to Education @USGBC courses, and more.
Can I submit a registration form if my facility does not meet all the requirements?
是的, a facility does not need to be ready to certify in order to register.
十大电子游艺网站排行 precertification is available to all projects regardless of the level of diversion performance that has been achieved. Precertification provides a framework to help your project get started on your zero waste journey and implement the fundamental actions needed for a robust zero waste program. Your project can get recognized for your efforts toward zero-waste and utilize an incremental pathway toward 十大电子游艺网站排行 certification. Precertification also demonstrates your commitment to achieve zero waste and signals your intent to pursue 十大电子游艺网站排行 certification. 了解更多 about the precertification process by reviewing the 真正Precertification指导 哪些概述了需求的细节.
预十大电子游艺网站有效期为三年. If the precertification expires before the facility has applied for certification, 项目仍然可以寻求十大电子游艺网站,但所有文件必须重新提交.
我的项目是十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站的. How do I maintain the certification, and are there fees for that?

项目 registered before September 1, 2020 do not have a set term of validity. 无需支付维护费,也无需重新十大电子游艺网站, 只要项目通过遵守年度维护要求来保持十大电子游艺网站.

2020年9月1日或之后注册的项目,十大电子游艺网站有效期为3年. 这些项目, and projects that have not maintained validity by submitting annual data, 必须重新十大电子游艺网站才能恢复十大电子游艺网站. 项目将需要支付相关费用 换发新证的费用 并提交更新后的信息,以确认项目仍符合十大电子游艺网站排行要求.

复习第3和第4页 十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站维护和再十大电子游艺网站指南 有关重新十大电子游艺网站要求的详细信息

What happens if my site is no longer meeting the 十大电子游艺网站排行 minimum program requirements (MPRs) after certification?
项目 that can no longer meet one or more 十大电子游艺网站排行 MPRs should contact GBCI at (电子邮件保护) 描述情况和哪些MPR受到影响. GBCI致力于支持有挑战的项目, while also helping them retain the recognition they received from 十大电子游艺网站排行, 解决方案可能是可行的.
是的, 项目可以重新十大电子游艺网站和追求额外的点,以升级他们以前的十大电子游艺网站水平. 复习第4页 十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站维护和再十大电子游艺网站指南 有关重新十大电子游艺网站升级要求的详细信息. 如果年度数据没有定期提交, you may still recertify and that will be considered the required recertification needed to get the project back in good standing.
Can I keep the certification if site operations have moved to a new location?
是的, projects that have relocated to another property can recertify by demonstrating that the new facility operates in the same way as the previously location. 回顾第5页的 十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站维护和再十大电子游艺网站指南 有关重新十大电子游艺网站升级要求的详细信息.
No, an audit or on-site assessment is no longer part of the 十大电子游艺网站排行 review process. 审查过程将只是文档. 如果请求, a phone call or virtual meeting can be set up between your team and the assessor to connect more directly and answer your questions. For more information on our review process, please refer to our 十大电子游艺网站排行十大电子游艺网站指南.
Will I be able to speak to the person reviewing my application?
是的! 在任何时候, you may request to set up a phone call or virtual meeting with the person reviewing your application and documentation. We recommend setting up a call after receiving your preliminary review report to discuss the assessor’s clarification requests and answer any other questions you may have before submitting your final documentation.


不要求十大电子游艺网站排行顾问参与注册或设施十大电子游艺网站过程. 然而, possessing this certificate (or having the assistance of a 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问), greatly enhances understanding of the application and how to achieve credits. 此外,该项目还可以赚取 真顾问试点学分 申请过程中有一个十大电子游艺网站排行顾问.
Earning the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate allows individuals to signify their knowledge of the 十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统, 它的战略和方法. 作为十大电子游艺网站过程中的专家, 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问通过最佳实践来领导企业, 用于跟踪和报告废物转移和获取必要的十大电子游艺网站排行资源的工具. 了解更多.
你必须 注册 完成十大电子游艺网站排行导师课程. Upon completion of the course, you must take and pass the assessment. 你将有两次机会通过评估.
有资格获得十大电子游艺网站排行顾问证书,你必须年满18岁并同意 GBCI的纪律和考试上诉政策.
How much does it cost to complete the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate program?
What is included in the price of the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate program?
This fee includes access to the following for a 180-day period:
  • 12个网络模块
  • Downloadable resources and guided notes to reinforce learning and that can be easily referenced for future use
  • 75年结业考试问题

十大电子游艺网站排行顾问证书程序是 退还的 and each participant should ensure that they will be able to complete the course and assessment within 180 days prior to registering. 如果有不可避免的情况导致您无法在180天内完成课程, 请联系 (电子邮件保护) 寻求帮助.
9. 如何联系GBCI获得支持?
电子邮件: (电子邮件保护)
Phone: We are available for calls Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm ET.


Are there system requirements for accessing the course and assessment?

The following list of browsers and mobile applications can be used for viewing and accessibility of the course modules. Please note that the course modules display best in a browser on a laptop or desktop computer and are not optimized for mobile devices. 查看最新的系统需求.

  • HTML5: Windows: Internet Explorer 11, 微软Edge(最新版本), 谷歌Chrome(最新版本), Firefox (latest version); Mac: Safari (latest version), 谷歌Chrome(最新版本), Firefox (latest version): Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 10 or later, 谷歌Chrome在苹果iOS 10及以上版本, 谷歌Android操作系统下的Chrome 4.4或更高
  • 阐明移动播放器: 阐明移动播放器 在苹果iOS 10或更高版本的iPad上; 阐明移动播放器 在Android OS 4中.4或更高版本(针对平板电脑进行优化)
  • Screen Reader: HTML5: JAWS 16 or later with Internet Explorer 11, 谷歌Chrome(最新版本), Firefox (latest version); Flash: JAWS 16 or later with Internet Explorer 11
  • Section 508的可访问性: 故事情节360支持508节的可访问性指南
  • WCAG 2.0可访问性: 故事情节360支持Web内容可访问性指南
  • 如果你仍有困难,请 十大电子游艺网站.

    如果你仍有困难,请 十大电子游艺网站.

    在线课程可能需要6个小时.5个小时来完成你完成的活动,下载模板和做笔记. 您的进度将在您工作时保存, so you may exit the course at any time to resume where you last stopped.
    从注册之日起,你将有180天的时间参加在线课程并通过评估. 如果你在180天内没有通过评估(你会被给予两次尝试), 你需要重新注册这门课程. 成功完成评估后, you will have access to the course modules until the end of your certificate term.
    期间, 我可以随意来回移动吗, 这取决于我想/需要如何复习课程?
    您必须按顺序查看模块和幻灯片, 所以你将无法前进和/或跳过前面.
    Can I print copies of the resource documents from the online course?
    How do I find the 十大电子游艺网站排行-related USGBC courses listed in the resource document?

    The resource document from the 十大电子游艺网站排行 online course lists “USGBC Continuing Education” related to the content in several of the modules. Because direct hyperlinks to USGBC courses can change frequently, the resource document instead links to a list of courses related to the 十大电子游艺网站排行 rating system and zero waste topics. 资源文档说明了相关课程的标题,您可以在此列表中搜索该课程.

    For example, a resource for Module 3 is the course “Introduction to 十大电子游艺网站排行.资源文档链接到USGBC的 十大电子游艺网站排行课程, where you can search for and access the “Introduction to 十大电子游艺网站排行” course.

    Do I need to take any of the USGBC courses listed in the resource document in order to become a 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问?

    No. The courses listed in the resource document are only for the purposes of continuing education for those interested in learning more after completing the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 course modules.

    The only materials that a candidate must complete in order to become a 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 are the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 course modules, 以及课程模块结束时的评估.

    GBCI维护并定期更新 十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统 跟上零浪费创新和最佳实践的步伐. The content of the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 course modules and assessment is aligned with the June 2020 version of the 十大电子游艺网站排行评级系统.


    这是一个95分钟的在线考试,包括75个问题. 你必须在评估中获得77%以上的分数才能获得证书. 您不能暂停、退出或重新启动评估. 你将被允许最多有两次机会参加和通过评估. 评估包括得分项目和未得分项目. All items are delivered randomly throughout the assessment and candidates are not informed of an item’s status, so candidates should respond to all the items on the assessment. Unscored items are used to gather performance data to inform whether the item should be scored on future assessments.
    No, 评估是不公开的,目的是评估学习目标是否已经达到.
    How many questions need to be answered correctly to pass the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 exam?
    以便通过十大电子游艺网站排行顾问的评估, you must earn a score of 77 percent or higher within the 95-minute time limit. 评估必须一次完成. 你不能暂停评估然后再回来. 如果你在规定的时间内没有达到及格分数,你必须重新参加评估.
    如果我没有通过十大电子游艺网站排行导师评估怎么办? 我什么时候可以重新参加十大电子游艺网站排行顾问评估?
    你将有两次机会通过评估. 如果你第一次尝试不成功, you will need to wait 24 hours before re-taking the assessment. 如果您在180天的注册期内没有通过这两个机会的评估, you will be required to 注册 the certificate program again.
    I am being asked for a Keycode in order to launch the assessment. 我可以在哪里找到这个代码?
    当他们进行评估时,每个十大电子游艺网站排行顾问候选人被系统分配一个关键代码, 但这并没有告知候选人. 而不是, 此键码将在启动评估前自动在屏幕上填写, using dots instead of visible characters (like a hidden password). 不要点击, 删除, 或以任何方式更改此代码,否则您的十大电子游艺网站排行顾问评估将无法启动.


    A non-transferable 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate will be issued by GBCI and available for download in your account within 72 hours. 另外, 在证书有效期内,您将被授权使用“十大电子游艺网站排行顾问”称号. 此名称不得以任何方式更改,必须完整显示(i.e.,十大电子游艺网站排行顾问).
    How soon will I receive my certificate after passing the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 assessment?
    It can take up to 72 hours for your results to be updated in your 十大电子游艺网站排行 account. You will receive an email notification once your score has been updated and your PDF certificate is available.
    我通过了我的真实顾问评估,但没有结果显示在我的真实网站简介. 我怎样才能拿到我的证书?
    If you completed your 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 assessment and have waited 72 hours but are unable to see your results or download your certificate from your 十大电子游艺网站排行 site profile, 请立即通过邮件与GBCI联系 (电子邮件保护).
    我完成了我的十大电子游艺网站排行顾问评估, but accidentally clicked the “Take Exam” button before I received my results. 我的评估结果怎么了?
    Clicking the “Take Exam” button once you completed the assessment can sometimes void your original assessment results. Avoid clicking “Take Exam” again once you have completed the assessment. Simply exit your browser and wait 72 hours for your assessment results to transfer to your 十大电子游艺网站排行 website profile.
    The 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate remains valid until February 23, 2027. 证书有效期的第一天为顺利完成课程评估的日期. 5年证书有效期结束时, 您必须完成更新后的证书程序, 其中包括在线课程和评估, 为了使证书保持有效.
    Are there renewal requirements for the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate?
    十大电子游艺网站排行顾问证书没有年度证书维护要求. 然而, at the end of the five-year certificate term 您必须完成更新后的证书程序 in order for your certificate to remain valid.


    Can I earn continuing education (CE) hours for successfully completing the 十大电子游艺网站排行顾问 certificate program?
    Can I apply CE hours I receive from this program towards a GBCI credential (e.g., LEED Green Associate, LEED AP with specialty, SITES AP and WELL AP)?
    你将获得7分.5个小时 自我报告 在您的凭据帐户中. These CE hours will count toward your general CE hour requirements. 看到 证书维护计划指南 的更多信息.